Security Masters Investigation, Inc.


To be the leader in the professional security industry by exceeding our customers' expectations and creating working partnerships, while valuing each and every employee.

Be a unique trademark as a security provider in the security industry.


Consistently maintain a stable and exceptionally positive working environment for our employees, which is characterized by fairness, loyalty, honesty, dedication and determination that is commensurate with performance.


"One-stop shop for your Security needs"


Security Masters Investigation, Inc. (SMII) was incorporated on July 1988 and was transferred under the new management on February 1, 1991. It operates in accordance with Republic Act No. 5487 otherwise known as the "Private Security Agency Law". The primary goal is to provide world-class security service to its client-companies.

It's main office is situated at 3rd Floor Rm. 302 B2 ECJ Condominium, Real cor. Arzobispo Sts., Intramuros, Manila. SMII is servicing National Capital Region clients.

Its initial work force was 250 and had grown to its maximum, thereby we have to create another security agencies. These are as follows:

Dallas Investigation Security Services Corp. (DISSC) Northern & Central Luzon
SCUD Investigation and Security Agency Inc. (SISAI) Sourthern Luzon & Bicol
Safe Masters Security Services Corp. (SMSSC) Central & Eastern Visayas Area
Mantis Security Services Inc. (MSSI) Mindanao Area
Negros Goldwings Security Services Corp. Western Visayas Area

SMII has a total of 205 assorted low-powered licensed firearms in good operating condition with sufficient rounds of ammunitions. They are classified as follows:

  • .38 Caliber Revolver - 77 pieces
  • 12 Ga. Shotgun - 123 pieces
  • 22 Caliber Long Rifle - 5 pieces

Communication equipment and vehicle are also part of our assets to maintain efficient communications from different post as well as to provide mobility and immediate response during distress calls.

Foremost, SMII's main thrust for the past 17 years of its existence has been to ensure retention of existing clientele by providing them with top quality security services, in order to guarantee their full satisfaction while attaining a reasonable yield to maintain its operational viability.


Strict implementation of manpower selection criteria is vital to avoid the company from being infiltrated by misfits and with derogatory records. This will enable our company to give maximum protection to the clients' assets and premises through proper assigning of competent security personnel.

Applicants have to undergo and pass the following examinations and interviews to determine their capability to assume the position applied for:

  • Pre-employment examination
    • Operational proficiency test
    • IQ examination
  • Operational readiness interview
  • Personality interview
  • Neuro-psychiatric screening
  • Pre-employment medical exam
  • Drug test
  • On-the-job training

The Pre-posting Orientation Training is conducted to all newly hired guards with the end in view of enhancing safety consciousness and awareness of the different aspects of their job before their actual deployment. The program includes topics such as organizational structure of SMII, personnel policies, employees benefits, applicable provisions of Republic Act No. 5487, duties and responsibilities of guards with emphasis of customer relation service, the do's and don'ts' in handling firearms.

SMII issued copies of Code of Discipline to the guards for them to follow strictly, thereby ensuring high standard of professionalism.

The company is consistent in disciplining every employees, it is also quick in recognizing the guards' exemplary acts of honesty, bravery, alertness and efficiency through cash incentives and other forms of award system.

Training Programs

SMII continuously upgrade employees competence and improve work attitude of security personnel, the company has implemented the following training programs.

  1. Marksmanship Training - is in line with the company's desire to further build self confidence among its security personnel and improve further their proficiency in the use of their issued firearms.
  2. 7 Habits of Highly Effective Employee.
  3. Refresher Courses for Security Guards - is a training course for security guards with the goal of improving customer relation and upgrading the level of discipline among the participants. It is also aimed in updating them of their security functions as well as enhancing teamwork and cooperation. Topics on legal aspects of security, personnel policies, employee benefits, personal discipline and family values are also included for discussion.
  4. Special Training Courses for security guards are regularly held to provide them with the basic knowledge on how to effectively confront different emergency situations. The following topics are:

    First Aid

    Fire Prevention & Control

    Bomb Threat Handling

    Martial Arts

    Lawful Arrest
  5. Supervisory Course - All Detachment Commander, Officer-In-Charge, Shift-In-Charge are sent to Basic Supervisory Course.
  6. SMII sends its supervisors to Management Training to enhance their skills especially in terms of planning, leading, organizing, controlling, motivating, coaching, and counseling. Office personnel holding key positions are sent to various seminar-workshops to further hone their respective fields of specialization.

"A Commitment to Excellence"

Inspections of all post/units are regularly undertaken to remind the guards of the company policies as well as motivate and counsel them. Meetings, open forum and formation in ranks are also being held periodically within different detachment/units as an effective way of keeping them abreast of the prevailing situation and to enhance their efficiency as well as awareness of the different situations.

SMII also conducts semi-annual Performance Evaluation of Guards as well the Detachment Commander, OIC's and SIC's. The Client assessment is given 60%, while the Operation has 40%. This will determine if the guards will have to continue their employment, undergo retraining needs improvement, or dismissal.

SMII has organized a training institute that would cater the training needs and requirements of our security personnel, the Philippine Arms Training Institute, Inc. (PATII), now registered and accredited by both TESDA and SAGSD, PNP under the With Training Regulation (WTR) Courses wherein each of our Curriculum is equipped with clear and well defined course design, course structure, subject description and competency analysis, and it is guided by skills and competency based assessment standard set forth by TVET-TESDA.

In line with this training program, we have identified the needs in improving the knowledge skills and attitude of our security personnel and some of which are:

  1. Investigation Seminar - to improve the proper approach in conducting an investigation based on actual experiences within the detachment
  2. Refresher Course - to emphasize the direct duties and responsibilities within their respective posts and how to do it efficiently
  3. Supervisory Development and Value Enhancement Seminar - in order to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitude of our Detachment Officers in directing and implementing company policies.
  4. Report Writing and Communication Seminar - to improve their communication skills specially in constructing incident / spot reports and other work related reports.
  5. Work Attitude and Value Enhancement - is designed with the objectives of invigorating and/or further developing security personnel's knowledge, skills and competency in demonstrating work value and attitude in the workplace, to foster teamwork, communication and participation.
  6. School Campus Security Management - to further develop the security personnel knowledge and skills on the enforcement of school security procedures and techniques to be more responsive, effective and efficient in discharging their duties and responsibilities.
  7. Customer Service Relations - it covers the skills and knowledge required to establish effective relationships, identify problem and deliver quality service to clients/customers and to promote customer confidence.
  8. Emergency Response Procedure and Crisis Management (man made and natural disaster) - covers the knowledge, skills and attitude in enforcing emergency response procedure during Bomb Threat, Fire, Earthquake, Robbery Hold-up, kidnap For Ransom and other related crime.
  9. Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) Practices - to reinforce his/her ability to identify and control hazards as well as monitor and improve process to ensure that the workplace is so far as is practicable, safe and without risks to the safety and health of the employees.

Compensation & Benefits

We are proud to mention that our security personnel are never short-changed in terms of payment of correct wages and overtime as well as rest day and holiday premiums. On top of their salaries, they are entitled to the following benefits:

  • 13th month Pay
  • 5 Days Incentive Leave
  • Free service uniforms
  • 7 Days Paternity Leave
  • Philhealth benefits
  • Cost Of Living Allowance
  • Employee Compensation
  • SSS benefits
  • Pag-IBIG benefits
  • Retirement Benefit Plan
  • Group Life / Accident Insurance Coverage
  • Cash Advance (If they are member of Employees Savings & Association)
  • Funeral Benefits

SMII also abides religiously by the laws and regulations of Social Security System particularly in terms of prompt remittance of monthly contributions, loan amortizations of its employee-members.

Likewise, SMII has been complying with the Internal Revenue Code of the Philippines, in particularly of the prompt remittance to the BIR of VAT and other taxes withheld due the government. This is in line with the company's commitment to help the national government in its tax collection efforts.

Management Staff

ROWENA T. ALMOGUERRA - Acting General Manager
GAMUEL S. VERTUDES, JR. - Operations Supervisor
FE P. PALANAS - Personnel Admin. Asst. I
JOSE B. CASTILLO - Collector


SMII Operation's main thrust is to give quality service to the clients and maintain the quality standard set by the management. It also implements the fair treatment to all personnel of the company in which the code of employee discipline is strictly enforced.

Satisfaction of the client is our concern. We conduct periodic security audit and present it to our client to be aware of the problems being encountered by the guards who implement the rules and regulations of the company. Suggestions were being presented to the client for them to study and give approval for the improvement of the security and safety. Inspections of all security personnel in their respective post/unit are being done to remind security personnel of the client-company policies as well to motivate and counsel them.

Shift formation are being conducted for briefing to the incoming guards to keep them abreast of the prevailing situation and to enforce their efficiency as well as awareness of the different aspects of the jobs. Guards who have done a good deed were given the necessary commendations and token. Guards who committed a wrongdoing were given the necessary penalties.

Quarterly meetings, open forum were being done together with a client representative in order to solve any problems in the performance of their functions. This is the venue where areas for improvements and special orders are also explained and discussed. New policies, new benefits are announced and elaborated.


SMII is financially stable. Being the pioneer company of the Phil Arms security group, it has assisted in the establishment of its sister security agencies. Its main thrust is to give what is due their people. Accounting department sees to it that the guards must receive their pay on the 15th and 30th of each month. A sound investment was also undertaken by this department. A strict implementation of budget is being practiced to ensure the liquidity of the company.