SCUD Investigation and Security Agency, Inc.


Exemplary in service and reputation, above all trusted and respected leader in the security industry.


We are a recognized security agency committed to:

 • Provide quality security services to the full and complete satisfation of our clientele, by utilizing the company's human resources and work hand in hand with government authority towards the preservation of peace and order in our society.

 • Provide equitable fringe benefits and continuos personnel development program to professionalize and generate productive human resources that exhibit traits of character and commitment to be the model in the security industry.


"It is better to Prevent than to React"


SCUD Investigation and Security Agency, Inc. was incorporated on November 26, 1998. It operates in accordance with Republic Act No. 5487 otherwise known as the "Private Security Agency Law". The primary goal is to provide world-class security service to its client-companies.

Its main office is situated at No. 17 Platinum Commercial Bldg. E. Aguinaldo Highway, Pala-Pala Dasmariñas, Cavite.

SCUD has five (5) sister companies operating all over the Philippines. They are as follows:

  • Security Masters Investigation, Inc. (SMII) - operating in NCR area
  • Dallas Investigation & Security Services, Corp. (DISSCOR) - operating in Northern Luzon area
  • Safe Master Security Services Corp. (SMSSC) - operating in Eastern Visayas area
  • Negros Goldwings Security Services Corporation (NGSSC) - operating in Western Visayas area
  • Mantis Security Services Inc. (MSSI) - operating in Mindanao area

In order to maintain good quality service & highly competent employees, the Phil. Arms Security Group has its own training school - Phil. Arms Training Institute, Inc.

SCUD has initial workforce of 100 hundred security guards when it started its operation in 1999, and has grown to its current manpower complement of almost 300. These security personnel are manning the different client-companies which include, among others, buildings, manufacturing plants, farm, warehouse, and other offices located mostly in the southern part of Luzon.

SCUD has a total of 125 assorted low-powered licensed firearms in good operating condition with sufficient rounds of ammunitions. They are classified as follows:

  • .38 Caliber Revolver - 75 pieces
  • .38 Caliber Pistol - 1 piece
  • 12 Ga. Shotgun - 48 piece
  • 20 Ga. Shotgun - 1 piece

Communication equipment and vehicle are also part of our assets to maintain efficient communications from different post as well as to provide mobility and immediate response during distress calls.

Foremost, SCUD's main thrust for the past 11 years of its existence has been to ensure retention of existing clientele by providing them with top quality security services, in order to guarantee their full satisfaction while attaining a reasonable yield to maintain its operational viability.


With quality thrust in mind, SCUD focuses its efforts in providing maximum protection of clients' assets and premises through proper deployment of competent security personnel. Thus strict implementation of manpower selection criteria is now in place to avoid the company from being infiltrated by misfits and with derogatory records.

Job applicants have to undergo and pass the following examinations and interviews to determine their suitability to assume the position applied for:

  • Pre-employment examination
    • Operational proficiency test
    • IQ examination
  • Operational readiness interview
  • Personality interview
  • Neuro-psychiatric screening
  • Pre-employment medical exam
  • Drug test
  • On-the-job training

The Pre-posting Orientation Training is conducted to all newly hired guards with the objective of enhancing safety consciousness and awareness of the different aspects of their job before their actual deployment. The program includes topics such as organizational structure of the company. Code of Employee Discipline and other personnel policies, applicable provisions of Republic Act No. 5487, duties and responsibilities of guards with emphasis on customer service, the do's and don'ts' in handling firearms.

To ensure high standards of professionalism, SCUD employees strictly follow the company's rules and regulations. While the company is consistent in disciplining erring employees, it is also quick in recognizing the guard's exemplary acts of honesty, alertness, bravery and efficiency.

Training Programs

SCUD continuously upgrade employees' competence and improve work attitude of security personnel, the company has implemented the following training programs.

  1. Marksmanship Training - is in line with the company's desire to further build self confidence among its security personnel and improve further their proficiency in the use of their issued firearms.
  2. Work Attitude & Value Enhancement (WAVE) - is an orientation training program given to all staff and supervisors in order to instill quality and efficiency among the employees. Topics are focused on the 7 habits of a highly effective employee.
  3. Refresher Courses for Security Guards - is a training course for security guards with the goal of improving customer relation and upgrading the level of discipline among the participants. It is also aimed in updating them of their security functions as well as enhancing teamwork and cooperation. Topics on legal aspects of security, personnel policies, employee benefits, personal discipline and family values are also included for discussion.
  4. Special Training Courses for security guards are regularly held to provide them with the basic knowledge on how to effectively confront different emergency situations. The following topics are:


    Martial Arts
  5. Supervisory Course - All Detachment Commander, Officer-In-Charge, Shift-In-Charge are sent to Basic Supervisory Course.
  6. SCUD sends its supervisors to Management Training to enhance their skills especially in terms of planning, leading, organizing, controlling, motivating, coaching, and counseling. Office personnel holding key positions are sent to various seminar-workshops to further hone their respective fields of specialization.

Exemplary Performance

A Certificate of Commendation was given by the Cavite PNP to SISAI S/G Rodel Medrano for exemplary accomplishment, wherein he was able to prevent a robbery, neutralized the suspects and recovered a .45 cal. Pistol & .22 cal. Revolver at the Mini Stop Convenience Store, FCIE, Dasmariñas, Cavite.

This is a proof of the professionalism, training and discipline that SISAI inculcates to its guards which is being emulated in all its security force.

SG RODEL F. MEDRANO with PSUP MARIO A. REYES and SISAI Gen Manager ISIDRO M. BOLAÑOS pose with the Certificate of Commendation.

Compensation & Benefits

For the convenience of everyone, the salaries, wages and other remuneration for the services rendered by our employees are paid through ATM payroll in coordination with our accredited banks.

At SCUD, the security personnel are never short-changed. We pay them the standard minimum daily wage for every eight-hour duty rendered as prescribed by law. We also give them the correct overtime premiums of their basic pay for extra services rendered.

In terms of employee benefits, SCUD is among the few security agencies in the industry that provides its security personnel with an array of company-initiated benefits on top of the government-mandated benefits as follows:

  • Free Group Life/Accident Insurance Coverage
  • Retirement Benefit Plan
  • Burial Benefit
  • Free service uniforms

SCUD also abides religiously by the laws and regulations of Social Security System particularly with regard to prompt remittance to the firm on monthly contributions and loan amortization of its employee-members.

As good corporate citizen, SCUD has been complying with the Internal Revenue Code of the Philippines, in particularly of the prompt remittance to the BIR of VAT and other taxes withheld due the government. This is in line with the company's commitment to help the national government in its tax collection efforts.


SCUD's main thrust of existence is to ensure retention of existing clientele. It aims to guarantee their full satisfaction while attaining a reasonable yield to maintain its operational viability.

It has sufficient number of assorted licensed firearms in good operating condition with sufficient rounds of ammunition that are readily available for deployment anytime. There are also communication equipments and vehicles in order to maintain efficient communication among different posts as well as provide sufficient mobility and immediate response in case of any distress call. Inspections of all security personnel in their respective posts/units are regularly carried out to remind them of the company policies as well as motivate and counsel them. General meetings, open forum and formation in ranks are also held periodically within the different detachment units as an effective way of keeping the guards abreast of the prevailing situation and to enhance their efficiency as well as awareness of the different aspects of their job.

SCUD is very liquid and financially stable. It has not experienced nor availed of any loans either from its affiliate-companies or from any financing institution.

SCUD is managed and operated by dedicated and competent personnel who are all experts in their respective fields of specialization. Its officers and staff have been carefully selected to ensure that the operation of the company is geared towards the attainment of its corporate objective.

Key Officers/Supervisors

Mr. Isidro M. Bolaños - General Manager
Mr. Romeo S. Morcozo - Operations Dept. Head
Ms. Josephine R. Gabuya - Finance Dept. Head
Ms. Mary Jane J. Llanto - HRD Head
Mr. Romulo C. Paulo - Operations Supervisor