Negros Goldwings Security Services Corp.


A security institution operating within the Western Visayas Region manned by highly competent security officers and professional guards that protect lives, property & assets, and upholding peace and order.


In achieving the vision, our missions are:

  • Good selection technique of potential and qualified guards who display professionalism and dedication to work.
  • Inculcate moral values and discipline among staff and guards, practicing unquestionable credibility and integrity.
  • Well - timed and sufficient provision of skills enhancement training for competency upgrading and personal and professional development.
  • Intensify coordination and linkage with government counterparts for updating of latest trends in security operations.

Company Profile

NEGROS GOLDWINGS SECURITY SERVICES CORPORATION (NGSSC), a wholly owned Filipino company, was incorporated on May 1, 2005. It was organized to provide security guards for the protection and safeguarding property of any person, partnership, firm, corporation or any other entity which may require such services and to undertake, conduct and make investigations and/or render services of a similar or allied nature for the benefit of any person, partnership, firm, corporation or entity which may desire the same.

NEGROS GOLDWINGS SECURITY SERVICES CORP. management staff possesses technical expertise and unquestionable experience to be able to manage the delivery of these services on a highly credible manner. The guards were selected based on the accepted standards set forth by the Philippine National Police (PNP). They are equipped with basic weapons as required by the PNP-SAGSD. The investigative works are manned by former military men who had actual experience and technical know-how in this kind of job.

Our Headquarters is located at Cameroli St., DYRL Compound, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental.

Being part of a leading business organization providing security services in the Philippines, committed to service and excellence, the Agency's Covenant - "PEOPLE ARE THE MOST VALUABLE ASSETS".


MR. JOSE B. BAGAIN - Chief Security Officer
MR. VICTORIO A. ALEJO - Asst. Chief Security Officer
MS. VICTORIA A. ORDONIO - HRs & Admin Assistant
MS. ELLEN C. OPONG - Accounting Assistant I
MS. GRACE GALPO - Accounting Assistant I
MR. ANTHONY S. MOJAR - Accounting Assistant II
MR. JESSIE N. PROVIDENCIA - Messenger / Utility / Driver