Mantis Security Services, Inc.


Provide trained security guards/officers and support staff that would render quality security services in order to be globally competitive and meet the existing client's demands.

Be recognized as one of the most reliable and professional security provider in the industry.


  • Provide quality security services to clients and to continuously work hand in hand with government authority towards the preservation of peace and order in our society.
  • Show appreciation to management through optimum utilization of company's resources and achieving best results.
  • Bring out the best among our human resources by providing equitable fringe benefits and personal development.
  • Contribute in the efforts to uplift the security industry by professionalizing and inculcating good moral values to the guards as model in the community in which they live and serve.


"The client's trust is our valuable & sacred possession"

Company Profile

Formed and incorporated on December 5, 2002, MANTIS SECURITY SERVICES INC. (MSSI) operates in accordance with Republic Act No. 5487 otherwise known as the "Private Security Agency Law". It aims to bring to its client-companies the best in security and other services such as investigation, personal security escorts and training of security personnel.

Our office is located at ECJ Hangar, Bangoy Airport, Sasa, Davao City and servicing Mindanao-wide clients. MSSI Management Staff possesses technical expertise and unquestionable experience to be able to manage the delivery of these services on a highly credible manner.

Our guards are selected based on the accepted standards set forth by the Philippine National Police. They are equipped with basic weapons as required by the PNP SAGSD.

Training Programs

Mantis Security Services Inc. continuously upgrade employee's competence and improve work attitude of security personnel. The company has implemented the following programs.

  1. Monthly formation - is conducted with the goal of improving customer relation and upgrading the level of discipline among security personnel. It also aimed in updating them of their security functions as well as enhancing teamwork and cooperation.
  2. Special Training Courses for security guards are regularly held to provide them with the basic knowledge on how to effectively confront different emergency situations. Topics on bomb threat awareness of security, personnel policies, customer satisfaction and family values are also included in the discussion.
  3. Pre-posting is conducted to assure that security guards are well guided in the day to day performance of their duties and responsibilities.
  4. Marksmanship Training is in line with the company's desire to further build self confidence among its security personnel and improve furthermore their proficiency in the use of their issued firearms.
  5. Physical Fitness is also part of their training to make them physically fit to perform their duties. It is also aimed to build camaraderie among the guards.
  6. Basic Self Defense / Martial Arts
  7. Anti-Terror Training conducted by Phil. Army
  8. First Aid Training conducted by PNP to ensure that guards can assist in saving lives during emergency situations.

Management Staff

Carlos M. Bustos - General Manager
Roberto T. Garcia - Operations Head
Leling R. Diligencia - Accounting & Admin Head
Edgar Leo B. Campillo - Operations Supervisor
Leonor G. Guianan - Accounting Assistant III
Elizer M. Palima - Accounting Assistant I
Ronald B. Alcantara - Company Driver